Trasmediterranea is huge ferry operator operating a vast network of ferry routes linking the Spanish Peninsula with the Balearic Islands, the Canary Islands, the autonomous cities of Ceuta and Melilla as well as Morocco and Algeria in North Africa.

Whilst high speed ships are used for the shorter trips where speed and convenience is the objective of the journey, on longer journeys, Trasmediterranea ferries are equipped to provide the highest levels of comfort so that their passengers find the journey an attractive part of their holiday.

Founded in 1917, Trasmediterranea is the main ferry company in Spain and one of the largest in Europe with numerous ships connecting their various destinations throughout the year. Trasmediterranea was acquired by Acciona in 2002, one of Spain’s largest corporations.

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Trasmediterranea customer reviews

  • "Barcelona - Palma de Mallorca - Barcelona"

    In terms of the ship and staff it was all good. Very professional. The only thing that may be slightly unusual for UK users is the concept of checking in outside the port at the Trasmediterranea office before you enter the port proper. It wasn't a problem once we'd sussed it out but a new one on me at any rate. Coming back from Palma was the same with the added spice of the departure being from the Commercial dock at the other end of the port to the regular passenger dock. This was explained at check in (at the passenger dock) but it did mean another trip back through Palma to the Commercial dock that I'd ridden past 20 mins before. Also the signage for dock entrances in Palma is non-existant especially round the left-hand slip road you need to take to do the right turn into the passenger dock. Non of that is Trasmediterraea's fault tho.

    'David' travelled with Trasmediterranea on Juan J Sister/Tenacia

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  • "Great service friendly staff "

    Good service only two issues to point out. 1. It would have helped to have had clear instructions on where to check in on the Barcelona as well as the Palma side. 2. Toilet cubicals on the rear deck were really smelly making it quite unpleasant to get some fresh air on the entire deck if there was an aft wind.

    'Bastiaan' travelled with Trasmediterranea on Tenacia

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  • "Excellent experience with Transmed"

    We had an excellent journey from Barcelona to Palma. We arrived at Barcelona, checked in and were boarded immediately. We had a very tasty and wecome meal before retiring to our cabin. We had driven from the north of England practically non stop so we were desperate for a good nights sleep. Our beds were very comfortable and before we knew it we were arriving in Palma refreshed and ready to take on the day. Definitely the way to travel!!!!

    'Anonymous' travelled with Trasmediterranea on Tenacia

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  • "Great way to travel to Morocco"

    Clean, comfortable and well run. This was a great boat trip of a good length. Taking to afternoon boat was a really good time of day we arrived at Melilla with the setting sun. I recommend this as a convinient and interesting way to travel for anyone coming from Malaga area who wants to go east or south in Morocco. As a warning though, don't expect all Transmediterranea routes to be this good. I've just returned from Tanger Med port to Algerciras in a rusty old hulk, the service, logistics and punctuality was farcially bad.

    'Maggie' travelled with Trasmediterranea on Fortuny

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