Tallink Silja

Tallink Silja connects you with the best destinations in the Baltic Sea including Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Sweden and the Aland Islands.

With a modern fleet to rival any ferry company, your journey really does start the moment you step onboard the beautiful state-of-the-art cruise ferries of Tallink Silja. Trips range from high class cruises to fast affordable crossings and from unforgettable holiday experiences to professional business travel.

Tallink Silja are well known for their onboard shopping facilities and are the only shipping company to regularly feature in the world’s top 10 tax free sellers, a list usually reserved for the world’s biggest airports.

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Tallink Silja customer reviews

  • "Helsinki - Tallinn Ferry"

    The cruise was very pleasant. The ticket was very economical and reasonable.

    'Anonymous' travelled with Tallink Silja on Tallink Star/Tallink Superstar

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  • "Good prize with suitable timetable"

    It was nice to take this ferry for the trip. Very comfortable journey.

    'Anonymous' travelled with Tallink Silja on Galaxy/Baltic Princess

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  • "Great journey"

    Both ships were very large and comfortable. Journeys were smooth and punctual.

    'Cristina' travelled with Tallink Silja on Tallink Superstar/Baltic Queen

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  • "Great day out !"

    Brilliant opportunity to explore Helsinki from Tallinn. Boat was great - free wifi, restaurants , shops etc

    'Jane' travelled with Tallink Silja on Tallink Star/Tallink Superstar

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