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Popular ferry companies

  • Bahamas Express

    Bahamas Express

    Bahamas Express provides a fast ferry service between mainland America and Grand Bahama Island.

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  • Clipper Vacations

    Clipper Vacations

    Clipper Vacations operate the Victoria Clipper ferry service that connects Seattle and Victoria with year round daily departures as well as operating seasonal crossings between Seattle and Friday Harbor on San Juan Island.

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  • Baja Ferries

    Baja Ferries

    Baja Ferries run two ferry services connecting the southern part of the Baja California Peninsula with the rest of Mexico across the Gulf of California.

    Top Baja Ferries Routes
  • P&O Ferries

    P&O Ferries

    P&O Ferries are one of the UK's largest ferry operators with a vast fleet of ships serving a network of ferries to France, Belgium, Holland, Ireland, England and Northern Ireland and in 2012 celebrated their 175th anniversary.

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  • Stena Line

    Stena Line

    Stena Line is one of the world's biggest ferry companies and offers you a range of frequent, fast and conventional ferry services around the UK, Ireland, Holland, France, Scandinavia and in the Baltic sea.

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  • Irish Ferries

    Irish Ferries

    Irish Ferries is Ireland's leading ferry company operating ferry services between Ireland, the UK and France and caters for passengers, vehicles and freight units.

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  • Trasmediterranea


    Trasmediterranea is huge ferry operator operating a vast network of ferry routes linking the Spanish Peninsula with the Balearic Islands, the Canary Islands, the autonomous cities of Ceuta and Melilla as well as Morocco and Algeria in North Africa.

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  • Naviera Armas

    Naviera Armas

    Naviera Armas offer regular ferry services between Spain and Morocco, Spain and the Canary Islands and numerous inter island connections.

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  • Corsica Sardinia Ferries

    Corsica Sardinia Ferries

    Corsica Sardinia Ferries, known as just Corsica Ferries operate ferry crossings from France and Italy to Corsica, Sardinia and Elba as well as some inter island services.

    Top Corsica Sardinia Ferries Routes
  • Tallink Silja

    Tallink Silja

    Tallink Silja connects you with the best destinations in the Baltic Sea including Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Sweden and the Aland Islands.

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    Top Tallink Silja Routes
  • Safe Way Maritime

    Safe Way Maritime

    The Safe Way Maritime operated Galaxy Wave ferry sails the forty mile crossing between the port city of La Ceiba on mainland Honduras and Roatan Island.

    Top Safe Way Maritime Routes
  • Interislander


    The Interislander ferry service crosses New Zealand's Cook Strait between Wellington and Picton bridging the gap between the North and South Islands.

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  • Blue Star Ferries

    Blue Star Ferries

    Blue Star Ferries operate a large number of ferry crossings connecting mainland Greece with its vast number of Islands as well as numerous inter-island connections.

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  • Sindo Ferry

    Sindo Ferry

    Sindo Ferry connect Singapore with numerous islands in the Riau Islands Province of Indonesia.

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    Top Sindo Ferry Routes
  • Grandi Navi Veloci

    Grandi Navi Veloci

    Grandi Navi Veloci transports cars and passengers across the Mediterranean Sea between Italy, Spain, Tunisia, France, Morocco and the islands of Sicily and Sardinia.

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Other ferry companies

  • Adria Ferries

    Adria Ferries

    Adria Ferries offers a fast ferry service between Italy and Albania.

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  • Aegean Speed Lines

    Aegean Speed Lines

    Aegean Speed Lines offers ferry services between the port of Piraeus and the islands of Cyclades.

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    Top Aegean Speed Lines Routes
  • Agoudimos Lines

    Agoudimos Lines

    Agoudimos Lines are a traditional family run Greek ferry company with some thirty years of service behind them.

    Top Agoudimos Lines Routes
  • Akgunler Denizcilik

    Akgunler Denizcilik

    Akgünler Denizcilik operate ferry crossings connecting Turkey with Cyprus, Syria and Lebanon with a fleet of hydrofoils and conventional ships.

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    Top Akgunler Denizcilik Routes
  • Algerie Ferries

    Algerie Ferries

    Algérie Ferries is an Algerian ferry company operating crossing in the Mediterranean Sea between mainland Europe and Algeria.

    Top Algerie Ferries Routes
  • Anek Lines

    Anek Lines

    Anek Lines operate a large number of ferry crossings sailing between Italy and Greece as well as amongst the numerous Greek Islands.

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    Top Anek Lines Routes
  • Anek Superfast

    Anek Superfast

    Anek Superfast is a joint venture between two of the Adriatic's best known ferry companies - Anek Lines and Superfast Ferries on their routes between Italy and Greece and from the Greek mainland to Crete.

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    Top Anek Superfast Routes
  • Aremiti


    Aremiti operate the ferry link bridging the seventeen kilometre stretch between the French Polynesian Society Islands of Tahiti and Moorea in the South Pacific Ocean.

    Top Aremiti Routes
  • AT Ferries

    AT Ferries

    AT Ferries was the brand name of the Portsmouth Bilbao ferry service operated by Acciona Trasmediterranea that ceased some years ago.

    Top AT Ferries Routes
  • Atlanticoline


    Atlântico line provide ferry services for passengers and vehicles between the nine Azores islands in the North Atlantic.

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    Top Atlanticoline Routes
  • Awesome Adventures Fiji

    Awesome Adventures Fiji

    Awesome Adventures Fiji offer high speed ferry transfers between the main island on Fiji and Yasawa & Mamanuca Island resorts.

    Top Awesome Adventures Fiji Routes
  • Balearia


    Balearia connect the Spanish mainland to the Balearic Islands of Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza and Formentera as well as providing island connecting crossings and operating services in the Strait of Gibraltar.

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  • Batam Fast Ferry

    Batam Fast Ferry

    Batam Fast Ferry operate numerous routes connecting Singapore with Batam Island in Indonesia.

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    Top Batam Fast Ferry Routes
  • Bintan Resort Ferries

    Bintan Resort Ferries

    Bintan Resort Ferries operate the ferry connection between Tanah Merah in Singapore and Bintan Island in the Riau Archipelago of Indonesia.

    Top Bintan Resort Ferries Routes
  • Blueline


    Blueline operates ferry services transporting passengers and vehicles between Croatia and Italy.

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    Top Blueline Routes
  • Brittany Ferries

    Brittany Ferries

    Brittany Ferries offer a wide selection of ferry routes to Western France and Northern Spain as well as a ferry service between France and Ireland.

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    Top Brittany Ferries Routes
  • Buquebus


    Buquebus Spanish ferry services in the strait of Gibraltar connecting Algeciras with Ceuta are now operated by Balearia.

    Top Buquebus Routes
  • Camellia Line

    Camellia Line

    Camellia Line sail daily between the Japanese port of Hakata in Fukuoka and the South Korean port of Busan all year round.

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    Top Camellia Line Routes
  • Caronte & Tourist

    Caronte & Tourist

    Caronte & Tourist offer regular ferry crossings between the Italian mainland and Sicily, between the ports of Salerno and Messina.

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    Top Caronte & Tourist Routes
  • Celtic Link Ferries

    Celtic Link Ferries

    Celtic Link Ferries provided ferry services from Rosslare to Cherbourg for tourist and freight vehicles until their acquisition by Stena Line in March 2014.

    Top Celtic Link Ferries Routes
  • Color Line

    Color Line

    Color line is Norway’s largest and one of Europe's leading ferry companies and represents more than a hundred years of continuous traffic between Norway and Europe.

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    Top Color Line Routes
  • Condor Ferries

    Condor Ferries

    Condor Ferries offer fast and conventional ferry services connecting the channel islands of Jersey and Guernsey with England and France.

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    Top Condor Ferries Routes
  • Cotai Water Jet

    Cotai Water Jet

    Cotai Water Jet offer a premium high-speed passenger ferry service connecting Hong Kong and Macao.

    Top Cotai Water Jet Routes
  • Cruise Whitsundays

    Cruise Whitsundays

    Cruise Whitsundays offer an extensive island resort connection service in the Whitsundays providing seamless transfers for those arriving and departing as well as award winning island cruises.

    Top Cruise Whitsundays Routes
  • CTN Ferries

    CTN Ferries

    CTN Ferries or Compagnie Tunisienne de Navigation has for more than 4 decades connected the main ports of Tunisia with ports in mainland Europe across the Mediterranean Sea.

    Explore CTN FerriesMost Popular Routes
    Top CTN Ferries Routes
  • Cyclades Fast Ferries

    Cyclades Fast Ferries

    Cyclades Fast Ferries operate daily crossings from Rafina in mainland Greece to the islands of Andros, Tinos and Mykonos.

    Top Cyclades Fast Ferries Routes
  • DFDS Lisco

    DFDS Lisco

    DFDS Lisco offer regular passenger and freight ferry services connecting Lithuania, Germany, Sweden, Latvia and Russia.

    Top DFDS Lisco Routes
  • DFDS Seaways

    DFDS Seaways

    DFDS Seaways comprise a vast network of ferry routes with crossings to and from the UK, France, Holland, Denmark, Norway and services in the Baltic Sea.

    Explore DFDS SeawaysMost Popular Routes
    Top DFDS Seaways Routes
  • Dodekanisos Seaways

    Dodekanisos Seaways

    As their name suggests, Dodekanisos Seaways operate numerous ferry crossings around the Dodecanese islands in Greece.

    Explore Dodekanisos SeawaysMost Popular Routes
    Top Dodekanisos Seaways Routes
  • Eckerö Line

    Eckerö Line

    Eckerö Line operates ferry crossings between Finland and Estonia on the popular Helsinki Tallinn route.

    Explore Eckerö LineMost Popular Routes
    Top Eckerö Line Routes
  • Eckerö Linjen

    Eckerö Linjen

    Eckerö Linjen operates ferries between Grisslehamn in Sweden and Eckerö on the Finnish island of Aland.

    Explore Eckerö LinjenMost Popular Routes
    Top Eckerö Linjen Routes
  • Ertürk Lines

    Ertürk Lines

    Ertürk Lines operate ferries between the Turkish port of Cesme and the Greek Island of Chios.

    Explore Ertürk LinesMost Popular Routes
    Top Ertürk Lines Routes
  • Euroferrys


    Euroferrys were a passenger ferry company connecting the Spanish mainland with Ceuta, Tangier and Nador until they were acquired by Trasmediterranea in 2008.

    Top Euroferrys Routes
  • European Ferries

    European Ferries

    European Ferries operate crossings between Italy and Albania with their ferry the European Voyager.

    Explore European FerriesMost Popular Routes
    Top European Ferries Routes
  • European Seaways

    European Seaways

    European Seaways offer ferry crossings between ports in Italy and Albania.

    Explore European SeawaysMost Popular Routes
    Top European Seaways Routes
  • Eurotunnel


    Eurotunnel is the car train service running between Folkestone and Calais via the channel tunnel.

    Explore EurotunnelMost Popular Routes
    Top Eurotunnel Routes
  • Ferrimaroc


    Ferrimaroc operated a ferry service connecting Spain with the north eastern region of Morocco until 2010 when they were taken over by Trasmediterranea.

    Top Ferrimaroc Routes
  • Finnlines


    Finnlines offer a large network of regular ferry connections in the Baltic see connecting Finland, Aland, Sweden, Germany and Russia.

    Explore FinnlinesMost Popular Routes
    Top Finnlines Routes
  • Fjord Line

    Fjord Line

    Fjord Line is a Norwegian ferry company operating sailings between Western Norway and Denmark.

    Explore Fjord LineMost Popular Routes
    Top Fjord Line Routes
  • Fred Olsen Express

    Fred Olsen Express

    Fred Olsen Express are an inter island ferry company operating between the Canary Islands of Spain.

    Explore Fred Olsen ExpressMost Popular Routes
    Top Fred Olsen Express Routes
  • FRS


    FRS provides fast ferry services in the Strait of Gibraltar between Spain and Morocco with their fleet of high speed ships.

    Explore FRSMost Popular Routes
    Top FRS Routes
  • GLD Atlantique

    GLD Atlantique

    GLD Atlantique was the brand name for the first Franco-Spanish 'motorway of the sea', linking the ports of St Nazaire (Nantes) and Gijón.

    Top GLD Atlantique Routes
  • Golden Star Ferries

    Golden Star Ferries

    Golden Star Ferries operate seasonal ferry services connecting the Greek mainland port of Rafina with islands of the Cyclades.

    Explore Golden Star FerriesMost Popular Routes
    Top Golden Star Ferries Routes
  • Grimaldi Lines

    Grimaldi Lines

    Grimaldi Lines operate numerous ferry services in the biggest ferry markets linking you with Spain, Tunisia, Morocco, Malta, Greece, Sardinia and Sicily.

    Explore Grimaldi LinesMost Popular Routes
    Top Grimaldi Lines Routes
  • Hanil Express

    Hanil Express

    Hanil Express connects Wando on the South Korean mainland with the islands of Jeju and Chuja.

    Top Hanil Express Routes
  • Hellenic Seaways

    Hellenic Seaways

    Hellenic Seaways is Greek ferry company operating domestic ferry services to and from numerous ports in the Cyclades, Crete, the Saronikos and Sporades islands.

    Explore Hellenic SeawaysMost Popular Routes
    Top Hellenic Seaways Routes
  • Horizon Fast Ferry

    Horizon Fast Ferry

    Horizon Fast Ferry connect Harbourfront Centre terminal in Singapore with the Harbour Bay ferry terminal on Batam Island, Indonesia.

    Explore Horizon Fast FerryMost Popular Routes
    Top Horizon Fast Ferry Routes
  • Hovertravel


    Hovertravel provides the fastest Isle of Wight ferry service across the Solent and is the world's longest running and only commercial hovercraft operator.

    Explore HovertravelMost Popular Routes
    Top Hovertravel Routes
  • Inter Shipping

    Inter Shipping

    Inter Shipping is a young Moroccan ferry company operating crossings in the strait of Gibraltar connecting Spain and Morocco.

    Explore Inter ShippingMost Popular Routes
    Top Inter Shipping Routes
  • Iscomar


    Iscomar operate in the Balearic Islands connecting Alcudia in Mallorca with Ciutadella in Menorca.

    Explore IscomarMost Popular Routes
    Top Iscomar Routes
  • Jadrolinija


    Jadrolinija offer ferry crossings from Italy to many ports in Croatia as well as numerous domestic Croatian services.

    Explore JadrolinijaMost Popular Routes
    Top Jadrolinija Routes
  • Kefalonian Lines

    Kefalonian Lines

    Kefalonian Lines run ferry services to and from the Islands of Kefalonia and Zakynthos.

    Explore Kefalonian LinesMost Popular Routes
    Top Kefalonian Lines Routes
  • La Meridionale

    La Meridionale

    La Méridionale operate numerous weekly sailings between Sardinia, Corsica and France.

    Explore La MeridionaleMost Popular Routes
    Top La Meridionale Routes
  • LD Lines

    LD Lines

    LD Lines run ferry services connecting the UK with Spain and France with Spain and Ireland whilst their Portsmouth Le Havre and Newhaven Dieppe services are now operated by DFDS Seaways.

    Top LD Lines Routes
  • Limbongan Maju

    Limbongan Maju

    Limbongan Maju are the ferry company appointed by Johor Port Authority to run the short crossing between Changi in Singapore and Tanjung Belungkor in the south of Peninsula Malaysia.

    Top Limbongan Maju Routes
  • Lineas Maritimas Romero

    Lineas Maritimas Romero

    Líneas Marítimas Romero transport passengers year round between the Canary Islands of Lanzarote, Fuerteventura and La Graciosa.

    Top Lineas Maritimas Romero Routes
  • Medmar


    Medmar operate numerous ferry crossings in the Gulf of Napoli connecting the islands of Ischia, Procida and Ponza with the mainland.

    Explore MedmarMost Popular Routes
    Top Medmar Routes
  • Minoan Lines

    Minoan Lines

    Minoan Lines are a leading Greek ferry company linking domestic and international ports in comfort and style.

    Explore Minoan LinesMost Popular Routes
    Top Minoan Lines Routes
  • Moby Lines

    Moby Lines

    Moby Lines connect mainland Italy with the islands of Sardinia, Corsica and Elba with a fleet of colourful ships.

    Explore Moby LinesMost Popular Routes
    Top Moby Lines Routes
  • MOL Ferry

    MOL Ferry

    MOL Ferry offer a domestic ferry service in Japan linking the main island of Honshu to the northern island of Hokkaido connecting the ports of Tomakomai and Oarai up to twelve times weekly.

    Top MOL Ferry Routes
  • Montenegro Lines

    Montenegro Lines

    Montenegro Lines offer year round ferry crossings connecting Montenegro with Italy.

    Explore Montenegro LinesMost Popular Routes
    Top Montenegro Lines Routes
  • Naviera Nortour

    Naviera Nortour

    Naviera Nortour operate a small ferry service linking the small island of Lobos and Fuerteventura, in the Canary Islands.

    Top Naviera Nortour Routes
  • Nel Lines

    Nel Lines

    Nel Lines is a Greek ferry company providing a gateway to all of the best destinations in the Aegean sea.

    Top Nel Lines Routes
  • NLG


    NLG or Navigazione Libera del Golfo have operated ferry crossings for more than 80 years and now have a route network that covers the islands in the Gulf of Napoli, Tremeti Islands, Pontine islands and the Amalfi coast.

    Explore NLGMost Popular Routes
    Top NLG Routes
  • Norfolk Line

    Norfolk Line

    Norfolkline were taken over by DFDS Seaways, one of the world’s largest ferry companies who now operate the popular Dover Dunkirk (Dunkerque) and Calais ferry crossings.

    Top Norfolk Line Routes
  • Norse Merchant Ferries

    Norse Merchant Ferries

    Norse Merchant Ferries Liverpool Belfast and Dublin ferry services were taken over by Norfolkline in 2005 and then run by DFDS Seaways before being purchased by Stena Line shortly after.

    Top Norse Merchant Ferries Routes
  • P&O Irish Sea

    P&O Irish Sea

    With P&O Irish Sea Ferries you can sail between England and Ireland and Scotland and Northern Ireland.

    Explore P&O Irish SeaMost Popular Routes
    Top P&O Irish Sea Routes
  • Panstar Cruise

    Panstar Cruise

    The PanStar Cruise ferry service provides three ferry connections a week between Osaka, the commercial and cultural centre in Japan and Busan, the largest port in Korea.

    Explore Panstar CruiseMost Popular Routes
    Top Panstar Cruise Routes
  • Polferries


    Polferries, the Polish Baltic Shipping Company runs ferry routes between Poland and Scandinavia.

    Explore PolferriesMost Popular Routes
    Top Polferries Routes
  • Porto Santo Line

    Porto Santo Line

    Since the mid-nineties, Porto Santo Line have operated the popular crossing connecting the islands of Madeira and Porto Santo.

    Explore Porto Santo LineMost Popular Routes
    Top Porto Santo Line Routes
  • Red Star Ferries

    Red Star Ferries

    Red Star Ferries operate ferries between Italy and Albania.

    Explore Red Star FerriesMost Popular Routes
    Top Red Star Ferries Routes
  • SamsøFærgen


    SamsøFærgen is the new name of the Danish ferry company Samsøtrafikken.

    Explore SamsøFærgenMost Popular Routes
    Top SamsøFærgen Routes
  • Scandlines


    Scandlines operate 3 short distance, high frequency and large capacity ferry routes between Denmark, Germany and Sweden.

    Explore ScandlinesMost Popular Routes
    Top Scandlines Routes
  • Sea Jets

    Sea Jets

    Sea Jets operate ferry crossings from Piraeus and Rafina to Crete and the Cyclades Islands.

    Explore Sea JetsMost Popular Routes
    Top Sea Jets Routes
  • Sealine


    Sealine offer fast catamaran and ferry services between Bodrum, Marmaris, Fethiye, Symi, Kos, Datca and Rhodes.

    Explore SealineMost Popular Routes
    Top Sealine Routes
  • Sealink


    Sealink Travel Group connect Australian icons and landscapes to the world with their Kangaroo Island, Queensland and Northern Territory ferry services.

    Explore SealinkMost Popular Routes
    Top Sealink Routes
  • Sealink Kangaroo Island

    Sealink Kangaroo Island

    Sealink connects Southern Australia and Kangaroo Island with their vehicle and passenger ferry service operating daily (apart from Christmas Day) between Cape Jervis, south of Adelaide and Penneshaw on the east side of Kangaroo Island.

    Top Sealink Kangaroo Island Routes
  • Sealink Northern Territory

    Sealink Northern Territory

    SeaLink Northern Territory provide passengers with the quickest method of travelling between Darwin, Mandorah and the Tiwi Islands.

    Top Sealink Northern Territory Routes
  • Sealink Queensland

    Sealink Queensland

    Australian owned and operated SeaLink Queensland provide a high speed link between Townsville and the Magnetic Island port of Nelly Bay.

    Top Sealink Queensland Routes
  • Searoad Ferries

    Searoad Ferries

    Searoad Ferries link Melbourne’s most magnificent coastal regions - the Bellarine Peninsula and Mornington Peninsula with their Queenscliff Sorrento ferry service.

    Explore Searoad FerriesMost Popular Routes
    Top Searoad Ferries Routes
  • Smyril Line

    Smyril Line

    Smyril Line is a Faroese ferry company running services that link the Faroe Islands with neighbouring countries.

    Explore Smyril LineMost Popular Routes
    Top Smyril Line Routes
  • SNAV


    SNAV are one of the largest ferry companies operating in Southern Europe with services crossing the Adriatic, Mediterranean and Tyrrhenian Sea.

    Explore SNAVMost Popular Routes
    Top SNAV Routes
  • SNCM


    SNCM are a major ferry operator in connection mainland France with the islands of Corsica and Sardinia.

    Explore SNCMMost Popular Routes
    Top SNCM Routes
  • South Sea Cruises

    South Sea Cruises

    South Sea Cruises provide fast island transfers between the main island on Fiji (Viti Levu) and the Mamanuca Island resorts for those staying in the islands.

    Top South Sea Cruises Routes
  • Spirit Of Tasmania

    Spirit Of Tasmania

    Run by TT-Line Company Pty Ltd, the Spirit of Tasmania service connects the Australian mainland with the island of Tasmania across the Bass Strait, travelling between ports in Melbourne and Devonport.

    Explore Spirit Of TasmaniaMost Popular Routes
    Top Spirit Of Tasmania Routes
  • St Peter Line

    St Peter Line

    St Peter Line is a St Petersburg based ferry operator operating first-class ships - Princess Maria and Princess Anastasia.

    Explore St Peter LineMost Popular Routes
    Top St Peter Line Routes
  • Steam Packet

    Steam Packet

    Isle of Man Steam Packet Ferries provide freight, passenger and vehicle services between the port of Douglas and four ports in England, Northern and Southern Ireland.

    Explore Steam PacketMost Popular Routes
    Top Steam Packet Routes
  • Superfast Ferries

    Superfast Ferries

    Superfast Ferries is a Greek ferry company offering daily ferry connections between Italy and Greece in the Adriatic Sea since the nineties.

    Top Superfast Ferries Routes
  • Tane Yaku Jetfoil

    Tane Yaku Jetfoil

    Tane Yaku Jetfoil is the name of the company running the high speed Rocket and Toppy hydrofoil crossings between Kagoshima and the islands of Tanegashima and Yakushima in Japan.

    Top Tane Yaku Jetfoil Routes
  • Tirrenia


    Tirrenia connects the Italian mainland to Sardinia, Sicily and the Tremiti islands and is currently one of the largest ferry operators in Europe.

    Explore TirreniaMost Popular Routes
    Top Tirrenia Routes
  • Toremar


    Toremar connect the Italian mainland with islands of the Tuscan Archipelago including Elba, Giglio, Capraia and Pianosa.

    Explore ToremarMost Popular Routes
    Top Toremar Routes
  • Trans Russia Express

    Trans Russia Express

    Trans Russia Express is primarily a freight service connecting Russia with Germany.

    Top Trans Russia Express Routes
  • Transmanche Ferries

    Transmanche Ferries

    The Transmanche Ferries Newhaven Dieppe ferry service is now operated by DFDS Seaways.

    Top Transmanche Ferries Routes
  • Trasmapi


    With more ships, more crossings and of course more customers, Trasmapi are the leading company in passenger transportation between the Balearic Islands of Ibiza and Formentera.

    Explore TrasmapiMost Popular Routes
    Top Trasmapi Routes
  • TT Line

    TT Line

    TT Line connects Germany and Poland with Sweden utilising a modern, reliable, high-quality and environmentally friendly fleet of ferries.

    Explore TT LineMost Popular Routes
    Top TT Line Routes
  • TTT Lines

    TTT Lines

    TTT Lines offer a year round ferry service for vehicles and passengers between Napoli and Catania.

    Explore TTT LinesMost Popular Routes
    Top TTT Lines Routes
  • Tuana Maritime

    Tuana Maritime

    Tuana Maritime operate the popular crossing between the Turkish port of Fethiye and the Greek island of Rhodes.

    Explore Tuana MaritimeMost Popular Routes
    Top Tuana Maritime Routes
  • TurboJet


    With over fifty years’ experience in shipping, TurboJET is the market leader in high-speed passenger transportation in Hong Kong and Macau providing a round the clock service to millions of passengers each year.

    Top TurboJet Routes
  • Unity Line

    Unity Line

    Unity Line operates year round ferry crossings between the Polish port of Swinoujscie and the Swedish port of Ystad.

    Explore Unity LineMost Popular Routes
    Top Unity Line Routes
  • Ustica Lines

    Ustica Lines

    Ustica Lines operate a large number of ferry routes connecting mainland Italy with the Aeolian Islands, Pelagie Islands, Aegadian Islands, Sicily, Ustica and Pantelleria as well as connecting some of the islands to each other.

    Explore Ustica LinesMost Popular Routes
    Top Ustica Lines Routes
  • Vaasanlaivat


    Vaasanlaivat operate the popular crossing between western Finland and north eastern Sweden on the route Vaasa – Umea.

    Top Vaasanlaivat Routes
  • Venezia Lines

    Venezia Lines

    Venezia Lines is a high speed passenger ferry operator linking the North Adriatic coast of Italy with Croatia.

    Explore Venezia LinesMost Popular Routes
    Top Venezia Lines Routes
  • Ventouris Ferries

    Ventouris Ferries

    Ventouris Ferries offer regular crossings on the popular Bari Durres ferry route connecting Italy with Albania.

    Explore Ventouris FerriesMost Popular Routes
    Top Ventouris Ferries Routes
  • Viking Line

    Viking Line

    Viking Line provides year round daily crossings between Finland, the Aland Islands and Sweden as well as Finland and Estonia.

    Explore Viking LineMost Popular Routes
    Top Viking Line Routes
  • Virtu Ferries

    Virtu Ferries

    Virtu Ferries is the premier Maltese shipping company and connects Malta with Sicily.

    Explore Virtu FerriesMost Popular Routes
    Top Virtu Ferries Routes
  • Wasaline


    Wasaline operate the popular crossing between north eastern Sweden and western Finland.

    Explore WasalineMost Popular Routes
    Top Wasaline Routes
  • Wightlink


    Wightlink Ferries, with its predecessors, has been connecting the mainland with the Isle of Wight by ferry for over 160 years!

    Explore WightlinkMost Popular Routes
    Top Wightlink Routes
  • Zante Ferries

    Zante Ferries

    Zante Ferries operate ferry crossings throughout the Ionian Islands with their fleet of 3 ships.

    Explore Zante FerriesMost Popular Routes
    Top Zante Ferries Routes